the kids making a difference
JOSHUA WONG is a student leader of the Hong Kong protests.
MUHAMMAD NAJEM uses social media to document the destruction caused by the Syrian Civil war.
RANIA ALI is a Syrian refugee and budding journalist documenting the perspective of the Refugee's journey.
AMI PARK is an animal rights activist and conservationist based in Los Angeles.
CHLOE TSANGARIS is a Wildlife Warrior at the Australian Zoo helping to protect wildlife and wild places.
HARNAAM KAUR a UK based body positivity warrior, speaker, activist and model based in the UK.
KEVIN PATEL is a climate and environmental justice activist and organizer galvanizing youth to help save our planet.
CHANDINI BRENNAN AGARWALInsta: @thisiszerohour
CHANDINI BRENNAN AGARWAL is a climate change activist on the front lines of the movement.
RYAN JACOBS FLORESInsta: @capturedkingYoutube
RYAN JACOBS FLORES is a transgender rights activist using Youtube to raise awareness and connect LGBTQI youth across the globe.